Monday, 12 December 2011

Santa's Got Number....

"If there was no God ? where did santa claus come from?". That was my best argument for believing in God.I was amazed by the sheer ignorance and lack of logic plaguing the atheist.
Santa came to my house on the eve of every christmas to deliver my gift, wrapped properly in white cotton which was so soft that sometimes if thought the cotton itself was a more valuable gift.
My mom said that the cotton came from Santa's beard and he had left a part of him with me. Even though my mom seemed very knowledgeable about the rituals santa followed , she did not think very highly of him.
I know this because she would never let me wake late night to catch santa or atleast have a glimpse of his flying sledge. Sleeping late one night in a year to catch a glimpse of santa and flying reindeers was not a tough ask for me, but she was not going to give up. Probably she must have caught him sometime sneaking into our home, she does not appreciate anybody doing that, not even santa. I always wondered how santa came inside my home . Dad used to make sure that the main door was locked properly and all the windows were grilled. Only if i could ask him the secret passage ,I would have used it to go to the playgrounds.

That was 15 years ago. I would never had figured out who the real santa was all by myself. I overheard some kids unravelling the secrets of christmas gift reaching kids. The next few days I tried to figure out how i could prove the poor ignorant kids wrong. But with time the realisation sunk in. I felt bad that my favourite argument will not be of much use now. But it also solved a lot of myteries. I found it hard to believe that my request to santa for a bike was turned down twice , now i knew why. For all the super powers my santa at home had , he surely was not reading my thoughts. Also now i knew why my mom did not think too highly of santa.

I have not become a complete athiest now, but yes having a real santa would have been a great help in making a decision. I still watch all those movies in which they show north pole and santa claus with dwarfs working overtime to make sure the kids get their gifts. I wish it was true. I miss believing in santa, waiting for gifts, quitely watching the night sky in hope of catching a stray reindeer .

One thing I did not miss though was the feeling of being looked out. My santa at home was practically as good as the santa from north pole would have been. He did not have the white wavy beard or wear a red coat or laugh like santa but then he is available all round the year. He also eventually bought me a bike and above all paid my college fees.

But the one thing I like the best about my santa at home is the fact that he carries a cell phone. So everytime I need anything from santa I do not have to pray along with a miilion of other kids in competition to grab his attention. I just have to give him a call and he is there for me always , everytime , all the time. I have my own personal santa and I am very happy with this arrangement.

Tring tring.............."Hi Dad .........can you bring me some chocolates today "


Varun said...

Brilliant! Loved it :)

Charanya said...

A very cute one. But im surprised Santa is still your dad and not Shekhar!

Mukund said...

Nice! Very nicely put!

@ditya..! said...

Nice ;) We generally tend to take the Santa's at home (mom and dad) for granted not because we don't care for them but probably because they have been with us always. This post makes us realize their importance all over again.